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Why I Want Festivals Back & San Teodoro 2021 Photo Diary

When leaving San Teodoro in September 2019, I wouldn't have thought that it would take at least three years for Sun and Bass to happen again. I think nobody was prepared for what was about to come our way at the beginning of 2020. The hype about the new decade quickly died down as the Covid cases in the entire world went up. When all events and festivals were cancelled, I had hope that everything would be back to normal in 2021. Oh how wrong I was! We're still in the middle of a pandemic, although the number of cases seems to stabilise in many countries. I'm fairly confident that big events like festivals will be back next summer and I honestly can't wait.

Since I was suffering from severe "I-miss-San-Teodor-itis", we decided to book a short holiday in Sardinia at the beginning of October. It definitely was a beautiful holiday, but very very different to the times I've been there for the festival. It made me think about what makes events like Sun and Bass, Liquicity or Let It Roll so special.

The Line Up

This is probably the most obvious point: Festivals usually have big line ups with artists from all over the world. It's amazing to see a lot of DJs you like in such a short amount of time. Also, there are many names on festival line ups that don't get booked for local events due to cost, travel time or because they're not "big enough" to headline a rave.

The Crowd

Another aspect why I enjoy festivals: The international crowd. While I love my Swiss DnB family, I also like connecting with people from all over the world. I think it's super interesting to find out why they are into DnB and what the scene is like in their country. At Sun and Bass, I met people from countries like New Zealand and Brasil who travelled there just for the festival. This is what i call serious dedication! Thanks to the DnB festivals I attended, I was able to build friendships with people from many different countries.

The Experience

I think there's something quite special about spending a weekend or even an entire week at the same festival. You connect with people differently. At the end of the experience, you feel like a family who shared a beautiful time, escaping reality for a while. In this regard, Sun and Bass is even more special, because even the locals get involved. They play DnB in their bars and restaurants and just add to the vibe of the festival.

So if you've never been to a DnB festival: What are you waiting for? I highly recommend going to one as soon as they're back. And don't worry if you have to go there by yourself: You'll make new friends there, I promise :) If you've been to DnB festivals before: Which is your favourite and why? Let me know in the comments.

However, for now I'm just really grateful that raves are back again. Thanks to all the promoters who put on amazing nights at the moment ♡

I also want to use this post as a little photo dump for all the pictures I took while in San Teodoro. If you're a regular Sun and Bass attendee or planning to go next year: I hope these photos remind you of the good times in San Teodoro or make you even more excited for the next edition.

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