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Pola & Bryson - The London Based Liquid Duo

A few weeks ago, a facebook post made me incredibly happy: Liquid Sessions announced their next event headliners; Pola & Bryson and Alibi. I've been listening to Pola & Bryson's music for quite a while now and they've become some of my favourite DnB producers. Their debut album "This Time Last Year" came out in 2016 on Soulvent - a label co-founded by Jack (Pola). Two EPs on Shogun Audio followed, before they released their stunning LP "Lost In Thought" on the Brighton based label in 2018. In their about section on Facebook, they describe their music as "Liquid Sculptures and Big Boy Rollers". So, as a little warm up for their show in Bern next Saturday, I'm going to share some of my favourite Pola & Bryson tunes with you.


Pola & Bryson - Night Dawns (feat. Lauren Archer)

This is one of my all time favourite DnB songs. It's one of those tunes which I fell in love with immediately. It induces so many emotions everytime I listen to it. Lauren Archer's soft vocals and the lyrics are stunning. I remember listening to it by myself on the balcony at Hotel Al Faro during Sun and Bass 2018 after coming home from the club - bliss!


Pola & Bryson - Way Back (feat. Siege MC)

That intro though - so smooth and so soulful! This song captures you from the second it starts playing. Siege MC then joins in and gilds the tune with his lyrics. I must have listened to this tune at least a hundred times and I will never get tired of it.


Pola & Bryson - Pacific

This one will always be special to me, as this was Pola & Bryson's opening tune for their set at Sun and Bass 2019. After that night, I was desperately trying to find this wonderful song. Well, it was released a few weeks after the festival. It takes me right back to that night in beautiful Sardinia everytime I listen to it.


Pola & Bryson - Temporary Love (feat. Blake)

Another masterpiece that I've listened to countless times. I'm absolutely in love with the deepness of the track and Blake's lyrics on top of it.


Pola & Bryson - Dream Days

Reaching for higher grounds... ♫ As the name suggests, this one is perfect for some sweet daydreaming. I like to listen to it when I'm lying in bed, lost in my own thoughts or when I'm staring out of a train window on my commute.


Pola & Bryson - Delphic Underworld

Similar to Dream Days, this is a song that takes me to another dimension with its deepness. I love the vocals, which provide an ethereal touch.


Pola & Bryson - Unsaid (feat. Blake)

This song takes me back to autumn 2017 when I used to listen to it on repeat. It's kind of playful and romantic thanks to Blake's vocals. Her voice goes so well with Pola & Bryson's productions.


Pola & Bryson - Open My Eyes (feat. MVE)

It's hard to find words to describe this song. It has such an incredible vibe - somehow melancholic and still really positive and encouraging.



Alibi - Morning Glory

The Brazilian duo will be playing alongside Pola & Bryson at Liquid Session. So I think it's only fair to also feature two Alibi tunes in this post. Morning Glory is one of my favourite liquid tunes. I adore the build up followed by the deep, rolling drop.


Alibi - Make It Real (feat. Riya)

This tune is so sexy! I would love to hear this one in a super dark club on an amazing soundsystem. Riya's lovely voice perfectly complements this deep song.


I'm so freaking excited for next Saturday! I hope to meet some of you on the dancefloor at Dachstock in Bern. Feel free to share your favourite Pola & Bryson and Alibi tunes in the comments. Thank you for reading and happy raving!


Liquid Session w/ Pola & Bryson and Alibi

Saturday, 29.02.2020

Dachstock Reitschule, Bern


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