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November Favourites

November might have been a pretty dull month weatherwise, but a lot of hot Drum & Bass was released. Here's a list of my favourites. Enjoy and let me know what your faves were in the comment section below.

Redeyes - Unfinished Theory (The North Quarter)

If you're a friend of mine, you know how much I love Redeyes' music. Seeing him play on La Cinta during Sun and Bass was one of my highlights this year. So you can probably guess how excited I was for this release. And the French producer never disappoints: he delivered a wonderful six track EP for all the soulful liquid lovers.

♡ Favourite track: Fine Again


Submarine - Fate EP (1985 Music)

Alix Perez' label 1985 Music is known for high quality releases. Submarine delivers yet another one of those. "Fate" is his second EP on the label. If you love deep, liquid Drum & Bass, definitely listen to this one.

♡ Favourite track: No Sleep


Hiraeth & Low:r - Seasons Change / Stay (Galacy)

There are songs that touch you from the second they start playing. "Seasons Change" is one of them. I love the melody and etherial vibe. It's the perfect song for daydreaming and getting lost in your own thoughts. Go ahead and try it!

♡ Favourite track: Seasons Change


Coco Bryce & Tommy The Cat - Coco And The Cat EP (PRSPCT)

This is an EP for all the Jungle / Hardcore lovers out there. Dutch producers Tommy The Cat and Coco Bryce each created two tracks for this release on PRSPCT. Apart from being pleasing to the ear, it should also win the title for "Coolest Artwork 2019" (it was designed by Coco Bryce himself).

♡ Favourite track: Talkin Bout My Generation


LSB & DRS - The Blue Hour (footnotes)

This is one of the releases I was most excited for in 2019. I love LSB, I love DRS, so naturally I love whatever they create together - and this is no exception. My recommendation: Let LSB and DRS take you on an emotional hour-long journey while you lie in bed on a cold winter's day.

♡ Favourite tracks: Frozen, Scarred, Keep The Time, Make You Love Me

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