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Lenzman - The King of Soulful Drum & Bass

He released music on Metalheadz, Shogun Audio, Spearhead and Integral Records. In 2016, he founded the Amsterdam based record label The North Quarter. After releasing two amazing EPs on his own imprint, he returned to Metalheadz with his new album "Bobby". This Saturday, Lenzman will be playing a set in Aarau alongside Riya. The perfect opportunity to share this list of my favourite Lenzman songs to get you in the mood.

Children of Zeus - Still Standing (feat. DRS) (Lenzman Remix)

I will never get over the beauty of this tune. The vibe is very different to the R&B / Hip Hop / Soul original by Children of Zeus. The melancholic aspect and DRS' added verse make this song so magical to me. It's probably my all time favourite DnB tune.


Lenzman - Pictures Of You (feat. DRS)

This tune came out on his latest album "Bobby". It's a very emotional, deep liquid track, refined with DRS' stunning lyrics. How can you not shed a tear when this one comes on? Definitely one of my favourite songs released in 2019.


Lenzman & Jubei - Park Hill

This is a song that I had heard so many times at events, but I had no idea what it was called or who it was by. When I found out it was Lenzman I was quite surprised (in a positive way). I also didn't know that he collabed with Jubei, but I think it's a really good combo.


Ill Truth - In Your Soul (feat. Charli Brix) (Lenzman Remix)

When I heard that Lenzman had done a remix of this song, I was very excited. I love the original - the deepness and Charli's voice are just amazing. In my opinion, Lenzman made the song more summer appropriate (which makes sense as it was released on the Summetry compilation by Symmetry Recordings). I like that he still kept many of the original elements, but still added his own flavour.


Lenzman - Down For Whatever

This one's taken from the first ever release on The North Quarter. It's one of those songs that I could listen to all day while daydreaming in my bed. It's deep, it's soulful, it's liquid - all I need really.


Lenzman - Move & Focus (feat. Dan Stezo)

I always listen to this tune when I need some motivation. The vibe and the lyrics never fail to provide me with some drive.


Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (Lenzman Remix)

I discovered this one quite recently, while looking for some new vinyl. It came out on Fokuz Recordings in 2016. I love Alicia Keys' voice combined with Lenzman's smoothness.

Lenzman - Open Page (feat. Riya)

This one doesn't really need an introduction. It's one of Lenzman's most popular tunes. It features Riya on vocal duties, which adds kind of an ethereal touch to it. If you want to see both of these talented artists in one night and you're based in Switzerland, I highly recommend you join the JUR Records crew in Aarau this Saturday, 02.11.2019 for their third Living Room Session.


Living Room Session with Lenzman & Riya

Saturday, 02.11.2019

KIFF, Aarau

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