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Guest Mix 002 | Dr. Gadget

Aktualisiert: 6. Juli 2022

The second edition of the bassically guest mix has arrived. This time with a deep liquid and techy mix, provided by Sascha a.k.a. Dr. Gadget from Olten. Big up!


First of all, why don't you introduce yourself in a few sentences.

Hi everyone! 😊 I’m Sascha, currently 28 years old and I am a professional software developer who has a burning passion for music of all kinds. I’m fascinated by science in general and artificial intelligence & machine learning in special and would also consider myself a hobby photographer.

Every person in the scene has a story about how they fell in love with Drum & Bass. Can you tell us yours?

Well.. I have terrible memory. I’m pretty sure the first DnB tracks I heard were uploaded by UKF on YouTube many years ago. I’ll just leave you with a link to my nostalgia playlist on Tidal. It contains a lot of the tracks I listened to back then. Maybe some of them will take you back through time just as much as they do that with me. Here you go: Link

How did you come up with your DJ name?

I’m not sure if it was on the way to or already on the way home from an event in Basel, but I had recently bought some gadgets and was talking about them with a good friend of mine. He jokingly called me something along the lines of “Mr. Gadget”. At the time I was already searching my DJ name (mainly because I recently joined the label Sahasrara Records without already having one), but so far most ideas I had didn’t sound right. I thought up some variations of names with “Gadget” in them and “Dr. Gadget” was the one I liked most and which was not already used by someone with more than a few followers on social media. And thus “Dr. Gadget” was born.

Your guest mix features a lot of deep liquid tunes. Is this your favourite style of DnB to mix?

I don’t really have a favorite DnB style to be honest. I like playing regular liquid DnB, Jungle and Neurofunk just as much, but back then I was just discovering deep liquid and wanted to create a mix of the best tracks I discovered so far.

You also play other genres of electronic music, for example Fullon Psytrance. Do you notice any differences in the crowds?

Well… It depends. Each crowd is unique and its less of a question of what genre is played at a party, but more of a question as to which people the crowd consists of. My best experiences were private parties at which practically everyone knew everyone else, where everyone was looking to have a good time with each other and also knowing and respecting their limits (especially regarding their alcohol consumption).

What has been your favourite DnB rave in Switzerland so far and why?

Camo and Krooked in the “Schüür” in Lucerne on 14th September 2019. It was the first time I heard their sound played on a powerful sound system. It even had a serious positive impact on my health: Took the last puff on my last cigarette the morning after, right before entering the train to get back home.

And last but not least: Which Drum & Bass artists and songs are your current favourites?

Artists: Camo & Krooked, SiLi, Etherwood, Danny Byrd, Sub Focus, Spor, Black Sun Empire, The Prototypes, Pendulum, The Prodigy, and many more.

Songs: Way too many! All time favorite track by far: “Aurora” by Camo & Krooked.

And lots of tunes of the artists listed above. I wouldn’t be able to finish this list in reasonable time without coming back weeks after and wanting to add even more to it.. 😅


A huge thank you to Dr. Gadget for providing this guest mix. Please show him some love!

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Sascha is also planning a DJ workshop - find more information in this post on Facebook.

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